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You may not have heard of it but Secured by Design (SBD) is a police organisation that works with police forces to deliver a range of crime prevention initiatives to make homes more secure.

What does SBD do?

Working alongside the Police Service in the UK, SBD aims to achieve sustainable reductions in crime through design and other approaches.

The organisation works with industry bodies and manufacturers to raise standards in product manufacture. Initially, SBD started by tackling variations in the quality of products being sold against the products that were originally tested.

This resulted in test houses and certification bodies being created to meet the demand. Over many years, SBD has raised awareness of the importance and benefits of making your home more secure with security throughout the standards and construction industry.

Today, products like doors and windows have to be certified by a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) certification body before being considered for SBD’s Police Preferred Specification.

Incorporating security into developments

SBD has produced a series of design guides to assist the building, design, and construction industry to incorporate security into developments to comply with the Building Regulations in England, Scotland and Wales and meet the requirements of SBD.

These guides cover a range of building sectors, including residential, education, health, transport and commercial. They’re regularly updated to keep abreast with changing patterns of criminal behaviour and advances in building design and new technology.

They offer a valuable source of reference to architects, developers, self-builders, local authority planners and police officers.

How SBD benefits the consumer

SBD was created in 1989 following the housing boom of the 60s to 80s, when there was an urgent demand for housing. During this time, estates had been built quickly and often cheaply without any basic security. As a result, externally glazed windows and doors were relatively easy to enter. In many cases, all an intruder had to do was lift out the double-glazing and climb through the frame.

One of the objectives of SBD is to reduce the demand on police forces, make your home more secure and help people live in a safer society. Since 1989, there has been an overall reduction in property crime of 60%.

The Secured by Design logo and title ‘Police Preferred Specification’ indicates that a company or a product meets the high standards set by Secured by Design. Usage of the logo is restricted exclusively to those products that have successfully tested to Secured by Design requirements.

Here are just some of the statistics that show how SBD has benefited the consumer since its inception:

  • One million homes have been built to Secured by Design’s police crime prevention standards over the last 30 years, resulting in reductions in crime of up to 87% every year.
  • Up to 61% reduction in burglary in major refurbishment schemes.

To find out more about Secured by Design, visit their website: https://www.securedbydesign.com/

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