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Is your roof letting you down? Many old-style conservatory roofs can make the room unusable in certain weather conditions.

But for a fraction of the cost of a new conservatory, you can bring your old conservatory back to life by improving it with a solid roof.

Reasons to change your conservatory roof

One of the most common problems with an old-style conservatory roof is uneven temperature. Is your conservatory either too hot or too cold? This is often the case with a roof made of polycarbonate, thin glass or translucent materials – they offer hardly any insulation.

Another reason people want to change their roof is because of noise. Either the rain on the roof can be an annoyance, or there’s poor sound insulation. It’s highly frustrating not to be able to use your conservatory because of the weather.

Another issue with poor quality roofs is that they allow condensation to form. When this happens, your conservatory becomes damp, and mould can grow – sometimes ruining furniture.

The benefits of a solid conservatory roof

The immediate benefit of a solid conservatory roof is improved thermal efficiency. You gain more control over the temperature of the room, and it becomes easier to keep the conservatory cool in summer and warm in winter. In turn, this helps you save energy and reduce your heating bills.

Your conservatory can now be fully functional throughout the year, whatever the weather. Plus, insulation can be installed to make it even cosier and energy efficient. Depending on the type of solid roof you choose, it could also help to reduce glare on screens, allowing you to watch TV or use a laptop or tablet in the conservatory.

The advantages of energy-efficient glass

If you enjoy having plenty of natural light and would prefer a glass roof on your conservatory, there are now some energy-efficient options available.

The latest technology in glass offers low-emissivity glazed roofing that can insulate your conservatory and stop it from overheating in direct sunlight. The result is a conservatory that’s comfortable all year round and low on energy usage.

The protection of a tiled conservatory roof

Tiled conservatory roofs are a practical and robust option. They immediately make your conservatory more robust, even though the tiles are lightweight and simple to fit.

As a result, your conservatory will be warmer in winter with no drafts. With this option, you can also have additional insulation installed.

The best of both worlds with a hybrid roof

A roof made of both aluminium and glass creates an attractive space full of natural light.

A mix of strong glass and solid panels ensure that an even temperature is achieved at all times. This is a contemporary and stylish look that gives you the feel of a traditional conservatory but with all the modern conveniences.

Would you like to replace the roof of your conservatory?

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