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Showcase: Upgrading a Dated Conservatory in Chineham, Basingstoke

Welcome to our latest project showcase. This time, we ventured into the heart of Chineham, Basingstoke, for a particularly exciting challenge. Our task? To enhance a lovely local home by integrating the indoors with the outdoors seamlessly. The owners dreamed of a modern, light-filled space where boundaries between their home and garden were softened.


At Excellent Windows, we were ready to make that dream a reality. The project focused on two main features: installing a sleek new conservatory and fitting an elegant aluminium bi-fold door. This was about more than just an upgrade—it was about exposing more natural light and creating a seamless transition from the cosy interiors to the natural charm of the garden.


Join me as we delve into the details of this transformation, from the initial structure to the final reveal.


Installation Process

Transforming the existing, aged conservatory into a modern, functional space involved a detailed and careful approach. Here’s a breakdown of how we tackled the installation, focusing on the revitalisation of the existing structure:


Assessment and Stripping Down

Our first task was to assess the existing conservatory’s condition. We found that while the base walls were still in good shape, the rest of the structure needed a complete overhaul. We carefully stripped the conservatory back to these base walls, preserving what was usable and removing what was not. This careful deconstruction allowed us to maintain the integrity of the original footprint while preparing for a significant upgrade.


Rebuilding with a New Roof

The centrepiece of our project was the installation of a new gable front roof. Unlike the old, traditional conservatory roof, this new design was chosen for its robustness, aesthetic appeal, and ability to provide better insulation. The gable-front style also added a sense of height and space inside the conservatory, making it feel larger and more inviting. Constructing this new roof required precision engineering and craftsmanship to ensure it not only looked great but was also structurally sound and weatherproof.


Enhancing with Bi-Fold Doors

While the conservatory received its transformation, we also focused on integrating the aluminium bi-fold door. This modern feature replaced an outdated entryway, providing a seamless transition between the house and conservatory, to avoid any loss of space in comparison to traditional hinged style doors. Installing the bi-fold door involved precise measurements and expert fitting to ensure flawless operation and alignment.


Final Touches

With the structure in place, our final steps involved installing energy-efficient glazing in the conservatory, ensuring the space could be used comfortably all year round. We also focused on weatherproofing and sealing the entire structure, making sure that the new conservatory would stand the test of time against the elements.


Throughout the entire process, we kept the homeowners informed and involved, ensuring the project aligned with their vision and expectations. The result was a beautifully revitalised space that married the charm of the original with modern efficiency and design.

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