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Roof lanterns and flat skylights are a great way to bring more natural light into a room.

If you have a flat roof extension, then a roof lantern can completely transform your living space. It not only brings the room to life with extra light, it also becomes a stunning design feature.

Why we install Ultrasky roof lanterns

At Excellent Windows, we install Ultrasky roof lanterns as they’re stylish, high-quality products that offer more features than other manufacturers.

You have the choice of PVC or aluminium frames with white, anthracite grey or satin black coatings to match existing window frames and the interior decor. The ‘conservaglass’ roof glass is available in a range of colours including blue, clear, aqua and brown.

The benefits of Ultrasky roof lanterns

Ultrasky roof lanterns have a 25-degree pitch, which is preferable to the lower 20-degree pitch offered by other manufacturers.

The strong ridge and superior spanning performance of Ultrasky products mean the lanterns need fewer bars. What this does is to maximise the amount of light that enters the room below. The internal ridge cladding is designed to avoid unsightly irregularities that could impact on the aesthetics of the room.

Another beneficial feature is the thermal break. This improves thermal performance and prevents the build-up of condensation in the frames, which can severely impact the appearance and longevity of a unit.

The Ultrasky chambered PVC top-cap also aids thermal efficiency by creating an increased air gap between the exterior face and the internal glazing in a roof lantern. This is a feature not available with other brands.

Aluminium under-claddings can be vulnerable to condensation build-up, but Ultrasky roof lantern frames contain foam to provide the additional insulation necessary to protect units with aluminium. They combine this with a physical thermal break with an air gap for extra assurance.

We also install customised flat skylights and Velux roof windows

Our customised flat skylights and Velux roof windows are suitable for most types of roof. Whatever the size or shape, we can design to your specifications.

The Velux range of roof windows comes with a selection of additional extras. For example, the Velux Passive House roof window is ideal for situations where Passive House-certified building components are required.

If your roof is easily accessible, then you may want to opt for extra security. You can choose a window that comes with a combination of toughened and laminated panes. Combined with reinforced construction and additional locks, this window will provide a high level of security.

Velux roof windows also offer effective smoke ventilation. The smoke ventilation window is activated automatically by a smoke sensor or manually with a break glass point. Natural ventilation for daily comfort is activated with the integrated switch in the control system or via an auxiliary wall switch.

Finally, if you live near a motorway, airport or other noisy location, the super sound insulation Velux roof window is ideal. It reduces noise by up to 50% when compared to a standard Velux roof window.

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