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Project Overview

Excellent Windows recently undertook two installations for roller garage doors in Basingstoke, installing state-of-the-art roller garage doors—one in Lychpit and another in Winklebury. This project aimed to enhance the functionality, security, and aesthetics of our clients’ homes. The results speak for themselves, demonstrating the transformative power of our high-quality products and expert installation services.


Client Requirements

The homeowners in Lychpit and Winklebury had specific needs for their garage doors:

  • Space-Saving Design: Both clients wanted a solution that would maximise their garage space.
  • Modern Look: They sought a contemporary design to compliment their home exteriors.
  • Durability and Insulation: Strong, insulated doors were a must for added security and energy efficiency.
  • Customisation Options: Each client desired specific colour choices to match their home’s aesthetic and to upgrade it from the dated white originals.

Installation Process

  1. Initial Consultation and Assessment: Our team conducted thorough consultations to understand the clients’ preferences and assess the garage structures. We discussed various design options and features, ensuring the clients were informed about the benefits of our roller garage doors.

  2. Removal of Old Garage Doors: The first step in the installation was the careful removal of the existing garage doors.

  3. Preparation and Fitting: After removing the old doors, we prepared the sites for the new installations. This involved precise measurements and adjustments to ensure a perfect fit for the new roller doors.

  4. Installation of New Roller Garage Doors: The new doors, made from strong, insulated double-skinned aluminium slats, were installed seamlessly. Both doors featured internal manual overrides for added convenience and safety.

  5. Customisation and Optional Extras: To meet the clients’ specific needs, we provided a range of customisation options. One client opted for a modern Chartwell Green, while the other chose a classic Black. Both installations included two remote handsets.

  6. Final Checks and Handover: After installation, we conducted thorough checks to ensure the doors operated smoothly and securely. We provided the clients with detailed instructions on using their new garage doors.

Benefits Delivered

  • Space Efficiency: The compact design of our roller garage doors saved valuable space inside the garages.
  • Enhanced Security: The robust construction and insulation provided an added layer of security and energy efficiency.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The modern designs and colour options greatly improved the curb appeal of both homes.
  • Convenience: The included remote handsets and optional extras like wireless keypads offered superior convenience for the homeowners.



Our roller garage doors not only meet functional and aesthetic requirements but also add significant value to our clients’ homes. For those considering a garage door upgrade, our case studies demonstrate why Excellent Windows is the go-to choice for quality and reliability.

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