A conservatory is a great way to give you more space and to create the perfect blend between inside and outside.

As with all Excellent Windows products there is a large range of options available and we will work with you to design a bespoke conservatory that complements your home.

All our conservatories offer superb weather resistance, heat insulation and strength; due to the advanced uPVC frames made from a recyclable material.

While this page will give you an overview of some of the most popular choices available, we are always happy to chat with you about what you want from your conservatory.

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Edwardian conservatories

This is a classic-look conservatory which is square to maximise space.

While they bring a period elegance to your home, the Edwardian style is simple and understated. This makes for an excellent choice for both heritage homes and modern properties.

Design options include part-brick or glass-to-ground and will always ensure you have an energy-efficient and secure addition to your home.

Victorian conservatories

Another classic look, this time with the familiar bay front design.

These are among the most traditional conservatories and add a touch of style to your home with their clean lines and graceful elegance.

While Edwardian style is simple, the Victorians had a preference for decadence and out Victorian conservatories are designed to pay tribute to that 19th century flair.

The addition of a pitched roof and ornate ridge brings you a stylish traditional conservatory.

Gable front conservatories

With a similar footprint to our Edwardian designs, gable front conservatories are characterised by the upright front panel and high roof slope.

This striking feature means allows maximum light and space for your conservatory due to the roof ridge running the full length, compared to some other designs where each roof panel slopes towards a central point.

Gable front conservatories often fit well with older properties in particular as the features tend to mirror traditional building styles.


An increasingly popular choice, orangeries differ from other conservatories due to the higher proportion of brick to glass, giving a very strong construction.

There is no compromise on light though, as an orangery’s atrium is designed to boost light in adjoining rooms.

Due to their strength, gained from the increased masonry, orangeries are highly versatile and are often used as kitchens or dining rooms – making them far more than a ‘sun room’.

The construction of an orangery also makes it a great choice where you need a larger addition to your home.

P or T shaped conservatories

For a larger space, these conservatories are shaped like a letter P or T and are perfect where you need a dual-purpose space.

The design is ideal where you want to combine a dining room with a playroom for example; with the side spaces offering a useful area to hide the children’s toys while you entertain your guests in the main area.

Transform your existing conservatory with a tiled roof

If you have an existing conservatory but find that it’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, we can transform it using our tiled roofing options.

By retro-fitting onto existing conservatory window frames, this enhancement is cheaper and takes less time that a traditional home extension.

Lean-to ‘sun room’

This option offers a simple and economical way to add space and sunshine to your home and are often known as Mediterranean conservatories.

Your ‘garden lounge’ enables you to enjoy the benefits of your garden while shielded from the unpredictable British weather!

Lean-to sun rooms also bring the benefits of improved light, together with better heat and sound insulation.

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