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A conservatory should be an integral part of your living space at all times.

However, you may find the room becomes too warm in summer and too cool in winter. If this is the case, there are ways you can ensure your conservatory is always comfortable and functional, whatever the season.

Do you need to replace your roof?

An opaque roof can help you to keep heat out in the summer and retain it during the winter. The benefit of having an even temperature all the time is that you can reduce your energy bills.

A solid conservatory roof will improve thermal efficiency and allow you to control the temperature of the room. Fitting insulation will help to make it even more energy efficient.

Another benefit of a solid roof is that it cuts the amount of glare from sunlight coming in. This makes it easier to work on a computer or watch the TV in your conservatory.

Choose solar control or thermal efficient glass

Glass and glazing have improved significantly in recent years, and another way to help retain a consistent, even temperature is to use solar control or thermal efficient glass. Both these types of glazing will enable you to control the heat transmitted by the sun.

With solar control glass, sunlight can pass through, but the glass reflects and radiates away some of the heat.

Thermal efficient glass balances heat reflectance and light transmittance. It reduces glare in the room and stops the conservatory from getting too hot in summer. In the colder months, it will help to retain heat, keeping the room warmer.

Energy efficient glass gives you the option of enjoying plenty of natural light that comes with a glass roof, without the problems of glare and overheating.

Mix glass with a solid roof

By combining glass and a solid roof, you have the best of both worlds. You can enjoy plenty of natural light while at the same time improving the thermal efficiency of the room.

This option is particularly effective if you have south-facing panes. Introducing a section of solid roof will cut excessive glare. Meanwhile, you can still have a large glass section. An aluminium frame is particularly effective for large panes as it’s both strong and lightweight.

Having a part solid roof can help you to harmonise your conservatory with the exterior of your house.

Include a sunroof

A simple way to let air circulate in your conservatory, even when you’re out, is to fit ventilation into the roof.

A roof vent can be locked in a set position. It’s secure, but at the same time, there’s a gap to allow air into the room. You could also choose windows that have a similar locking feature. These enable you to open them a fraction but keep them locked in this position so they can’t be opened any further.

Increased ventilation will stop heat from building up in the conservatory and prevent condensation from forming in the winter.

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