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Double glazing is one of the best investments you can make if you’re looking for ways to make your home warm and cosy this winter.  

The insulation provided by double glazing limits the transfer of hot or cold air through your windows. As a result, your home stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Energy efficient glazing also enables you to cut your carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills.  

The benefits of energy efficient windows

Energy efficient double glazing is all about making your home warmer with no draughts or cold spots – keeping cool air out and ensuring no heat is lost through your windows.  

For example, high-quality double glazing can:

  • Cut condensation by up to 70%
  • Reduce heat loss through your windows by up to 94%
  • With the added advantage of silencing external noises

These are the key features you should look out for when choosing double-glazed windows, doors or conservatories:

  • A rated, C rated, Triple glazed windows with a 0.8 u value
  • Secure design with multi-locking window closing

Replace timber sash windows with uPVC

Many homeowners feel timber is their only choice if they have sash windows. But this isn’t the case. You can now replace draughty old timber frames with energy efficient and durable uPVC without losing any of the charm of your sash windows.  

For instance, the VEKA FlushSash range replicates the authenticity of plain or timber painted windows – and you have more than 30 different colour options for the Matrix Fully Sculptured outer frames.  

FlushSash glazing also achieves an A Rated performance with ease. And you have the choice of 28mm double glazed units or 32mm triple glazed units. This means you can even decide to replace your timber sash windows with triple glazed uPVC sash windows that offer extremely impressive thermal and acoustic insulation properties.  

Here are some key features of our uPVC sash windows:

  • 1.4 u value double glazed
  • 1.1 u value, triple glazed
  • Achieves a WER A Rating
  • You can opt for mechanical or welded frames, transoms, mullions or sashes
  • Security is increased by a design security system with multi-locking window closing


Ensure external doors are insulated

As well as upgrading your windows to make your house warmer, you should also check your doors are insulated to stop heat from escaping. All your external doors should include an effective draught-proofing system with strips and seals to ensure no heat is lost.  

Our double-glazed door ranges have been carefully selected to offer outstanding quality and security – and to keep out the cold during the winter.  

Conservatories can be warm in winter

The conservatory used to become a redundant room in winter due to the cold, but that’s no longer the case.  

With today’s double and triple glazing, you gain a high level of thermal performance, which means your conservatory stays at a comfortable temperature all year round. Thanks to improved glazing and advanced uPVC frames, conservatories are now stronger and more weather resilient.  

Quality seals and draught excluders ensure optimum heat insulation. You also have a choice of design options – so depending on your preference you could have a part-brick conservatory or glass-to-ground.


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