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Even if you have an older property or a period house, you can still find a style of double glazing that will complement your home.

Here we look at some of the most popular designs and advise on their suitability, depending on the type of property.

Georgian Double Glazed Windows

Georgian Double Glazed windows are often used on older properties as they look as though they’re made of small window panes in one unit. The method of having small panes to form one large window was popular in Georgian houses.

In fact, Georgian bar double-glazed windows don’t have multiple panes of glass in each unit. Instead, bars made from the same material as the frame run horizontally and vertically. They’re joined to the frame to give a multi-pane effect whereas the window is actually a single double glazed unit.

Georgian bar windows are a versatile option, ideal for older properties or homes with a distinctive look. The frame offers a traditional appearance while you gain all the modern convenience of double glazing.

Double Glazed Sash Windows

Double Glazed Sash windows slide up vertically to open rather than having hinges or tilting mechanisms, although some designs of sash windows do have a tilting option.

Sash windows generally have a fixed sash on top, and a sliding sash below that slides upwards behind the top sash when opened. To retain a traditional feel, your double-glazed sash window could also have Georgian bars to divide the window into smaller segments.

This style of window is perfect if you want to retain the original look of your heritage property.

Tilt and Turn Double Glazed Windows

Tilt and turn double glazed windows are highly practical as their dual hinge system means the window can be opened inwards or from the top. When the handle is in the position for tilting, you can’t open the window more than a few inches.

This option is ideal for families with small children. The opening permits air to circulate but doesn’t allow children to climb up and fall through. The handle can be locked in position to stop children opening the window fully but easily repositioned when you want to change the angle of the window.

Another practical feature is that when fully opened, tilt and turn windows can be easily cleaned from inside the house.

Double Glazed Casement Windows

Double Glazed Casement windows are generally hinged on one side and open away from the house. They’re designed to allow as much natural light in as possible. You can brighten dark rooms with this style of window. They also allow for maximum air circulation.

Double glazed casement windows are popular in small and large homes. They come in a wide range of frames and can suit both old and modern properties.

It’s also a simple matter to have the hinges down one side or along the top – with the window opening into, or away from, the house.

Bay and Bow Double Glazed Windows

If you have a property with a bay window, you can still have double-glazing. Bay windows are set into shaped buildings with the curve of the window following the wall; therefore, the glass and frame will have to be made to suit your architecture.

However, bow windows can be fitted into straight walls. A double-glazed bow window is fixed to a shelf that’s shaped to hold the window. These windows can have a subtle angle that makes them appear bow shaped.

Therefore, bay windows can only be fitted to properties that were designed for them, whereas bow windows can be used on any property.

Large double-glazed bay and bow windows make a room brighter, offer a panoramic view outside, and are often an architectural feature of the house.

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