Tiled Roof Conservatory

Kempshott, Basingstoke

House in Kempshott before conservatory
Tiled roof conservatory build Basingstoke
Bi-Fold Doors Basingstoke
Inside conservatory with bi-fold doors
inside conservatory

This 4m x 3m tiled roof extension was built onto the back of a house in Kempshott. We also helped with the new patio area and wall landscaping in the garden area.

The conservatory includes a gable window end to allow maximum light into the house, with two Velux windows in the tiled roof.

To complete the finish, there is a four pane, aluminium bi-folding door that opens the house right up. With a south-facing garden, we also suggested integral blinds into the doors. These are simply to use, and will prevent damage with the blinds actually in between the glass panels.

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