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Many people think that uPVC only comes in white. In fact, you can choose from a vast range of colours to suit the exterior and interior of your property.

Coloured uPVC windows are increasingly popular because you can enhance the appearance of your property by choosing a complementary shade. As a result, window and door manufacturers are using sophisticated techniques to develop an even wider range of uPVC colours and finishes.

The benefits of coloured uPVC Windows

Coloured uPVC windows offer the perfect shade for every property. Starting with traditional white, colours span the range and include chic greys and blacks.

As well as a wide choice of colours, you can also select different finishes such as satin, gloss and woodgrain effect. There’s currently a trend for woodgrain effect as it enables homeowners to sympathetically enhance period or character properties while enjoying the hardwearing properties of uPVC.

If you have a period home, cottage or even listed building, you can transform the exterior but retain your property’s traditional appearance. uPVC woodgrain surfaces look just like timber but have all the low maintenance benefits of uPVC. Instead of having to treat the wood, you can enjoy the durability and long-lasting simplicity of uPVC.

With coloured uPVC windows, you could choose to have dual colours, so that you have one shade to complement the inside of your home and a different one on the outside. The choice of colours allows you to match or contrast your window or door frames with existing fittings.

How is coloured uPVC made?

uPVC is a rigid vinyl polymer that’s hard wearing and can be easily formed into shapes – making it an ideal material for window and door frames.

Colours can be applied in two different ways; by spray paint or laminated foils. Air-powered paint spray guns apply colour to uPVC as well as lacquer finishes. This method offers a huge choice of colours.

Alternatively, laminated foils chemically bond finishes to uPVC, permanently fusing colour onto the material. The heat bonding process produces a highly durable and long-lasting finish.

By using laminated foils, you can obtain the authentic colour and texture of woodgrain. The result is a stunning woodgrain effect that perfectly recreates the appearance of wood.

The hardwearing properties of uPVC

With coloured uPVC windows, you have colour stability with no fading. The material is also crack and scratch resistant.

The beauty of uPVC window and door frames is that they’re extremely low maintenance. They don’t rot and are resistant to corrosion, which means they don’t need painting or sealing.

They’re also water-resistant, and because they’re weatherproof, your frames won’t distort because of weather conditions. They can be kept clean with a simple wipe over with water and detergent.

And finally, uPVC is non-conductive. What this means is that uPVC frames don’t transfer heat. Therefore, uPVC window and door frames offer a more consistent internal temperature. Combine uPVC frames with double glazing, and you have the most energy efficient windows and doors.

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