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If your conservatory or orangery roof has seen better days, then there are numerous benefits to replacing it.

However, there are some factors to consider to ensure you choose the right replacement.

Why you may want to replace your conservatory roof

You may find your current roof is making the conservatory either too hot or cold. Polycarbonate, thin glass or translucent materials offer little insulation. Most heat is lost through the roof.

Noise can be another common problem with rain drumming on the roof or poor sound insulation. Condensation can also become an issue. A damp conservatory will lead to mould forming on furnishings and fabrics.

A roof replacement can solve all these problems and turn your conservatory into a much more comfortable living space.

Tiled conservatory roofs are stronger

A tiled conservatory roof makes your conservatory stronger, even though the tiles are lightweight and easy to fit. Thermal performance is improved and drafts reduced, saving energy and cutting fuel bills.

With a tiled roof, you can also have insulation installed. Sound insulation is improved, enabling you to work or watch tv in the conservatory without being drowned out by rain drumming on the roof.

Glass roofs can be energy-efficient

If you’ve dismissed a glass roof because of overheating, think again. The latest technology in glass manufacture means that low-emissivity glazed roofing can stop your conservatory from overheating in direct sunlight but also offer excellent insulation in winter.

The beauty of a glass roof is the abundance of natural light that floods in, making you feel that you’re outside.

The advantages of a hybrid roof

A hybrid roof is made from aluminium and glass. It’s a mix of strong glass and aluminium panels.

The advantages of a hybrid roof are that you gain plenty of natural light but with an even temperature whatever the weather.

A solid roof conservatory

A solid conservatory roof will make the structure feel more like other rooms in the house. This type of roof will cut down on glare, so it’s ideal if you want to work on a computer or watch TV in the conservatory.

Thermal efficiency is improved, and you have more control over the temperature of the room. A solid roof will ensure less heat loss, saving you energy. The conservatory will stay cool in summer and retain warmth in winter.

You can add insulation to a solid roof. Overall, it makes the conservatory a fully functioning all-year-round living space.

The benefits of replacing your conservatory roof

The main advantage of installing a new roof is that you can completely transform your conservatory without having to replace the whole structure.

If temperature control has been a problem, you can opt for a design that will give you increased thermal efficiency while at the same time preventing overheating.

You can also give the exterior of your property a whole new look by choosing a roof design that complements the style of your home.

Are you considering replacing your conservatory roof?

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