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Stable doors were traditionally used on farms where livestock was kept. As the name suggests, they’re commonly found in stables as they allow light and air in – but keep the horse from getting out.

How do stable doors open?

A stable door is divided horizontally to allow either of the two halves to be opened independently. Usually the bottom half remains shut while the top half opens.

This structure combines the functionality of a door with a large window. It offers obvious benefits in terms of safety and convenience. For example, if it’s being used as a front door, you can open the top half – but by keeping the bottom half closed, you prevent entry into the house.

The many benefits of stable doors

There are numerous benefits to having a stable door, and principle amongst these is keeping children and pets inside while allowing airflow into your home. During fine weather, it’s nice to be able to open the top half of the door but have the peace of mind of knowing that the bottom half is firmly closed, preventing young children and animals from going where they shouldn’t.

Essentially, in a family home, these types of doors are used as baby gates, giving that extra level of protection.

Stable doors can be used as internal doors for kitchens and utility rooms. From a practical point of view, you can easily see what’s going on in an adjoining room, but you stop young children or pets from entering.

The same principle applies to outbuildings. Stable doors can be used on sheds, garages and any structures that require airflow, but where you want to discourage anyone from entering.

Stable doors are now available in a range of styles

With their farmhouse heritage, stable doors have traditionally been made of wood. But in recent years, they’ve become popular in urban homes and the materials used in their construction has changed. And thanks to this, they’ve lost their reputation for being draughty, leaky or easy to break through.

Frame fitting and weather sealing have made any problems associated with stable doors a thing of the past. External stable doors are now designed to comply with national quality standards like any other front or back door. They’re also manufactured using the same materials.

At Excellent Windows, our stable doors are available in a wide range of materials, textures and colours. This means you’re not restricted to a traditional looking stable door.

Stable doors are safe and secure

The robustness and security of stable doors have also improved. Safety and burglar resistant security locks are now fitted as standard.

At Excellent Windows, our stable doors are manufactured in the UK with fully adjustable multi-point locking mechanisms.

Are you interested in installing a stable door in your home?

Excellent Windows, Doors & Conservatories offers a large range of stable door styles and colours, both composite and natural timber. Our stable doors are highly secure, weather-proof and look great.

We can help you to choose a door that’s ideal for your lifestyle and the style of your property.

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