Window Options for Conservation Areas

Replacing windows and doors in conservation areas is trickier than some more modern areas. Often Conservation Officers and Building Inspectors will argue over the used of authentic wooden single glazed windows or modern material triple glazed windows.

Below, we give some advice and options should you have this issue.

What Are Conservation Areas?

Conservation Area windowsQuite simply, conservation areas are areas with historical or architectural interest. Certain elements of these areas, such a building heritage and visual aesthetics, need to be preserved to keep in line with its period or historical look and feel.

Since 1967, over 9000 conservation areas have been designated across England. This gives councils and local authorities increased control over certain building developments like demolition, extensions and architectural features that isn’t in keeping with the period of a building, street or area.

Lots of English towns and villages rely heavily on historic buildings – such as wooden beams and windows – for their character, charm and architectural impact. Using inappropriate replacement windows and other home improvements that do not comply can not only damage a properties value, but also run the very real risk of local authorities demanding a reversion of the property to it’s original state.

What Are Your Options?

Windows and doors are one of the most prominent design features of any building. Even the smallest changes to your window profile or even the glass can make a real difference to the buildings look and feel.

Although sometimes problematic, local authorities enforcing rules on home improvements for historical buildings is a good thing and helps retain the properties charm and character, which in turn is often where the value of these properties lie.

For many years, property owners in conservation areas have been very limited when it comes to replacement window designs and technology. PVCu windows are often not an option due to the way they look, with thick frames, and aluminium windows also do not offer the same character.

The ‘Residence 9’ Option

Residence 9 Window Oak FinishResidence 9 windows and doors are relatively new replacement window systems specifically designed to replicate 19th century timber sash windows.

They are ideal for conservation areas as they appear, both inside and out, to be sash timber windows which is often the feature local authorities want to retain in period conservation areas.

Traditional Windows with Modern Technology

Having a window that your local authority approves of aesthetically is obviously a good thing, but you do not need to sacrifice on modern technology or security in order to achieve this.

The residence 9 window system offers all the benefits of modern windows, from U Values to security, whilst also falling in line with conservation area requirements.

We are an authorised Residence 9 supplier, ideal for window and door installations in the many conservation areas in Basingstoke and the villages of Hampshire. Find out more about Residence 9 here.

What Next?

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