PVCU Security for Windows and Doors

We know that when in comes to buying new windows or doors for your home, one of the biggest factors when making a decision is security. 

Even though a window or door may be designed to last a life time, technology advances mean that the products are always developing. So, when considering buying new windows and doors for your home, it’s not just the aesthetic look and feel you need to take into account, but also securing your home with up-to-date window and door locking systems.

Some people invest in home security with alarm systems, intruder lighting and even dogs. But, the very often overlook the 20+ year old locking systems on their existing windows and doors that leave a weak point of entry to their home.

secure UPVC windows

Key Features of our security hardware

  • Top branded, market leading hardware as standard.
  • Secure locking windows and door handles.
  • Option of multi-point hook locking system installed on all windows and doors.
  • Internally beaded windows and doors.
  • Concealed hardware – means minimal weathering and tough to access for intruders.

At Excellent Windows we believe safety and security are paramount, and should not be an optional extra. All of our security and hardware products are designed, developed, manufactured and installed to meet or exceed British standards, so you can have peace of mind that your home is secured with top of the range hardware and products. 

Not just a pretty window

A hidden complex of high-security mechanisms built into each frame ensure virtually any our PVC-U windows or doors are more impenetrable than conventional wood equivalents.

The shootbolts, hooklocks and multi-point locking are as fearsome as they sound in deterring any wouldbe intruder and helping to keep your home safe.

If you are planning on investing in new windows and/or doors and have any specific security concerns, we will be happy to advise on advanced and specialist security measures offering even greater protection.

Locking System for double glazed windows

What Next?

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