How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

Investing in new windows and doors for your home is a big expense, so it’s only natural that the cost of the supply and installation should play a huge part in whether you replace them.

Add to this, the offers available from some of the larger companies with different types of deals for new windows and doors and you may be confused on which company to choose.

Here’s our advice to help you decide (and we’ll be as objective as we can).


First and foremost, remember that hopefully you will only ever need to make this purchase once, so do not base your decision on price alone. Although most double glazing companies source their window units from the same few factories, not all frames and glazing are the same.

You also need to bear in mind the quality of the surveying and installation from your chosen supplier. It doesn’t matter how good the product is, if the measurements and fitting is not of an excellent standard.


How well respected is the windows company you are looking to use? For instance, most of our work comes from recommendation – that’s people that have used us telling their friends.

You can check online reviews at places like Check-A-Trade or Google, so use these as a gauge of the quality of the company as one part (but not all) of your checklist when choosing a supplier.


Not all offers you see are what they appear. Very often, with no specific starting price (every job is different) there is no reference if you are offered a free door or discounted prices. These windows companies tend to build this into the price so many offers aren’t as good as they seem.

That said, if you are getting a few quotes (and you should) you can get benchmark prices between different windows suppliers.

Sales Pitch

The double glazing industry often gets a bad reputation for its sales processes. Very often we receive an enquiry that asks us not to spend hours around the customers house doing our sales pitch.

Some windows companies go through a routine where they will try and get the sale there-and-then, including “let me phone my manager and see what we can do”.

NEVER commit on a sales pitch. Take time to cool down and reflect on your choices before signing any documents or orders, and never pay up-front.

Price Guide

It is very difficult to offer a one-size-fits-all price for windows. From our own experiences, we often find ourselves quoting against the same few companies and the prices can end up wildly different from job-to-job.

Sometimes, we have even been quoted back prices from other windows companies that are cheaper than we can buy the product at!

We have a very simple pricing rule – We have costs, including the product itself and our tradesmen (who are all very experienced). We also have a margin that we need to make to run our business and make a sensible profit.

The result being that we always offer our best price first time to save the time of running through a sales pitch. We are probably not the cheapest, but we are also not the most expensive and we know through experience that we are competitive when it comes to prices on double glazing windows and doors.

If you would like an indication on price, without committing to a meeting, why not check out our online quote tool.

Simply measure your windows beforehand and have an understanding of which window styles you’d like (this is where we can advise face-to-face) and our online quote engine will give you a price guide.

If you’d like to know more about your options, or want to have a chat about how we can help with the temperature of your conservatory, why not get in touch?

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